Down at the Farm

Client: “Hey do you wanna be my girlfriend?” Me: “Nope sorry. I don’t date.” Client: “Oh come on! I’m single!”

Published by Bobbi

I'm Bobbi. I have two amazing little brothers with Down's syndrome, an awesome sister with Cri Du Chat syndrome, and my parents own a business that provides vocational day-habilitation for adults with disabilities. My whole life I have been surrounded by people with special needs. I have cried with them, laughed with them, and most importantly they have taught me more than I could ever imagine. My life may be a little quirky but I wouldn't have it any other way. Go ahead and read up on my journey through a special world!

3 thoughts on “Down at the Farm

  1. One of the clients once asked me out. I told him I had been married for over ten years. He very intently looked at me and says “So its serious then?”

  2. I love people that look at life from a different point of view. What I have read of your blog makes me miss doing repairs at the group homes.

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