Chances are if you stumbled across this site because you’re a friend, a friend of a friend, or my search engine optimization is on point today. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you made it. I want to preface this preface with the notion that this blog is not about mountain climbing, sky diving or otherwise adventurous topics that the title might predispose you to think. The words, The Adventure Continues…, is actually a phrase that my dad often says. My favorite part about the phrase is that in every moment it brings a message of hope. Whether it’s a time of happiness or grief, conflict or celebration, those words are a semicolon for life.

The book has not ended; a new chapter is about to begin. This blog is filled with my ordinary life adventures as a woman, wife, girl mom, sibling, entrepreneur and advocate. Truth be told putting these stories here are as much for processing my own sanity, but I hope you gain a little something from your time. Whether you’re looking for courage, perspective or comic relief, my greatest hope is that this blog inspires you. The adventure continues…