Down at the Farm

A. “Is that your girlfriend?” B. “no.” A.”Yess! Yess! Yess! Yess!” All: “????” A: “Now you can date my sister!” At the farm one of the client advocates (supervisor for their group of clients) gave a quick friendly hug to me at the farm, posing the client’s question to start the above conversation.

The Chronicles of Eric

If you read back to the blog: “When life gives you lemons, sometimes they squirt you in the eye” you will learn a lot about my little booger brother, Eric. This blog is to show you some of the hilarious moments he has brought to our family. Scenario one: When Eric was little, he lovedContinue reading “The Chronicles of Eric”

Down Doggy!

For my next few blogs I am dying to share with you some of my craziest and funniest experiences that I have had with my little brothers. This blog is about Levi. When Levi was younger, he had a bit of an issue on making it to the bathroom. (Whoah! Gross, no one wants toContinue reading “Down Doggy!”

How To Leave A Legacy: Part 2

Ok for this to make sense you will have to go back and read part one of this blog. Seriously! It will spoil the whole thing…and that’s not to tempt you to read further, just trust me read that one first! In the fall of 2006, our new family business was standing at the doorContinue reading “How To Leave A Legacy: Part 2”

How To Leave A Legacy: Part 1

I know that I’m probably not supposed to write a million blogs on my past and this blog should be more about my present life experiences. But A, I don’t see that rule anywhere in the declassified blog survival guide, and B, if I wrote my entire life up to this point in one giantContinue reading “How To Leave A Legacy: Part 1”

A New Job For Dad; Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Here’s a recap from my two previous blogs. I’m caught in the middle of four brothers. There are two older. Much older. 16 and 19 years older to be exact. Then there are the two younger, both of which have Down’s syndrome, and my entire focal point so far. We are all children to theContinue reading “A New Job For Dad; Cat’s Out Of The Bag”

When Life Gives You Lemons, Sometimes They Squirt You in the Eye

So if you read the previous post, you are awesome! Gold Star!! If not, here’s a really really quick run through…I’m the daughter of a pastor in Ohio. I have two older brothers (that are both old enough to be my father) and our newest family addition, is my adorable little brother, Levi,  who wasContinue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons, Sometimes They Squirt You in the Eye”

Spicing Things Up!

In 1994, God dumped an entire bottle of Mrs. Dash on our family. Ok our life was pretty spicy before, but really? A whole bottle? Ok get out the shaker. Shake 1. Picture the late 80’s. My parents had two teenage boys, a dog named Melon (she was a collie..get it?!)  and a herd ofContinue reading “Spicing Things Up!”