A Letter to My Dream Giver

Dear Inspirer, Mentor, Friend, and Dream Giver,

First, I want to thank you. There are some things in my life I cannot explain, and I wish didn’t happen. But you are always there for me, always providing the next move in my life journey. Sometimes I need reminding that you are not dead, and you never sleep. The steps it takes to give me everything I’ve ever needed must be exhausting, but you are never off course.

Among other things, you gave me a small white feather. It could float with the wind and I could wander aimlessly without even taking note of it. But I know inside the feather is a big plan; something that I am meant to fulfill. The feather looks so insignificant, but with your power, I can fly.

I can see me in the feather. In this world, I am small and insignificant; but needed. I know I am created for a purpose. A purpose only you could design. You gave me the choice to soar with your plan; or float. Floating is easy, and soaring is scary; but I know with your help I fly for your glory.

Sometimes I’m afraid to fall, but my sense of pride tells me I can soar higher and higher. I need you to help me hit the wind where you see fit, and not where I feel superior. Sometimes my strength seems to nonexistent. Help me have the power to fulfill this plan. I am fearful, prideful, and human. Help me be a servant for you.

I know the best way to fulfill these wishes is not like a genie. I will not be enchanted with power or magically enlightened with humility. Help me face trials with full dependence on you. Don’t let me steer from your plan. Don’t let discouragement overtake me, but fuel me to fulfill the big plan that you have instilled within me. Let me fly for you.


A prideful, fearful, and hopeful somebody

Published by Bobbi

I'm Bobbi. I have two amazing little brothers with Down's syndrome, an awesome sister with Cri Du Chat syndrome, and my parents own a business that provides vocational day-habilitation for adults with disabilities. My whole life I have been surrounded by people with special needs. I have cried with them, laughed with them, and most importantly they have taught me more than I could ever imagine. My life may be a little quirky but I wouldn't have it any other way. Go ahead and read up on my journey through a special world!

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